What You Can Get in Redondo Beach Under a Million Dollars

What can you buy in Redondo Beach for under $1,000,000? Prices have risen in Redondo Beach and there isn't much opportunity left under one million dollars but if you are looking for any of these types of homes, you may have a chance. You can start in single families, a two bed two bath or a two-bed, one-bath, 800 to a thousand square foot house. Either right along Inglewood Avenue on Kingsdale Avenue near Galleria Mall or that southernmost street just north of 190th but near Inglewood Avenue.

A townhome with 1500 square feet on the 2500 block is underneath the big wires going north and south in Redondo Beach, the Greenbelt there in north Redondo or right along Inglewood Avenue. In South Redondo, you probably can't get very many townhomes for under a million at this point. There are a couple of these complexes on Matthews Avenue which is the first street north of Artesia,  if you're in one of those 1500 square feet you can still get those under a million for three beds. The two-bed townhomes are about 1400 to 1500 square feet or less in North Rhino Beach. There are some of those complexes on Vanderbilt Carnegie and Rockefeller as well. For condos, the complex right next to Brookside Village, two-bed two-bath, or even three-bed two-bath, are all under a million.

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