How I Sold a Home Off-market in 1 Day

How I sold a property off-market in 1-day

We had a sale in San Pedro last year that only took 1 day to sell off-market. We know that a majority of home buyers already know a person in the area they buy in. Becauase of this, much of our marketing platform is designed to leverage the neighborhood and the neighbors. 

In this case, a few happy previous clients referred me to a pair of new clients to list their home. During the Listing consultation, I spoke about our marketing platform and how we would leverage the neighborhood. After the meeting, my new client took my advice the following day to heart and told his neighbor about the sale. It turned out that their actual neighbor, the person next door, knew a family that had been trying to move into the area for two years. So the neighbors called their friends and the friends were immediately visiting the property. The new buyers loved the property and offered to make a deal. My seller called me and told me that the property's sold.

A short 48 hours after we had the listing appointment. We had a meeting with the buyers where everybody just sat around a table to hash out the details. We came to an agreement on all of the terms, how long escrow would be, what the contingencies would be, what the seller would be willing to pay for, and what they wouldn't be willing to pay for. A couple of bottles of water and a couple hours and boom, we opened escrow.

The escrow was nice and clean, the lender the buyers brought to the table was really talented, and we sold that property we closed it a month later.

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