Best Streets in North Redondo Beach 90278

The Best Streets in North Redondo Beach 90278

In this video, I share with you the three best streets to live on in North Redondo Beach California. These streets in North Redondo Beach are great for multiple reasons including large lots, alley access, and views!

1. Pinckard Avenue 

  • huge lots with only single-family residencies
  • 8000 sq ft to 18000 sq ft lots
  • located in the heart of the TRW tract
  • walking distance to Lincoln Elementary and Anderson Park

2. Johnston Avenue 

  • close to Aviation Park and Northrop Grumman
  • double lots on top of each other
  • has a local coffee shop (Beach Cities Cafe) and a Brazilian restaurant (Paneles Brazil) right in the middle of the neighborhood

3. Harper Avenue

  • located in Golden Hills
  • 20-minute walk from the Hermosa Beach Pier
  • all properties along Harper Ave have private balconies that have a view over the rest of Redondo Beach down looking east

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